<strong>PicProtoBoard</strong><br /><br />Solderless board for quick prototyping with PIC Microcontrollers

Turn your PicProtoBoard into a 32-bit prototyping environment

32mx ab 250x230


The 32MX Adapter turns your PicProtoBoard into a 32-bit testing environment.
It is compatible with any PIC32MX 44 pin TQFP with pinout compatible with the PIC32MX130F064D.
It is provided with or without (32MX Adapter Naked) a pre-mounted PIC32MX130F064D.
In case of the naked version, you can mount the PIC32MX that you prefer, according to the pinout compatibility (see Technical Specifications for the full compatibility list).
The internal oscillator of the PIC32MX family, avoid the need of using an external oscillator (that can be used anyway if you need it for your purposes).
The Adapter is provided with all you need to install it on the PicProtoBoard.



32mx ab 1600x1200shopping cart 50x50

The 32MX ADAPTER costs: 15.90€
Provided with the PIC32MX130F064D


32mx ab 1600x1200shopping cart 50x50

The 32MX ADAPTER NAKED costs: 10.90€
Provided as a kit to mount the PIC32MX that you need
(see Technical Specifications for the compatibility list)


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Click Here to download the 32MX ADAPTER User Manual

 WinZip icon H70Click Here to download the Test Projects for the PIC32MX130F64D


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